How this works

Two ways towards taking control of Your own situation.

Get me a coach now!  

1) Coach me now!
Your way directly out of your situation:

You know what coaching means to you and you have agreed to our terms and conditions.
To be coached now, go to ‘Coaching’ and choose the topic that matches best your needs.
Confirm your interest by selecting ‘Coach Me Now’ and complete the template to notify us. We will start looking for your coach immediately and get into contact with you as quickly as possible.
We will contact you via mail, SMS or phone in order to confirm the time for your coaching session.

2) I need more:
First choose a free orientation meeting:

Under ‘Booking’ you can confirm your interest by selecting ‘Find out more’ to get into contact with us by mail. We will then get into contact with you. We will contact you via mail, SMS or phone in order to confirm the time for your orientation session.
During this orientation meeting your coach will explain the process to you and listen to your needs.
This orientation meeting is free of charge and without any obligation.
At the end of this meeting you can decide for your coach and agree on the first date of your coaching program.


Coaching call and Payment:

For every coaching session your coach will call you under the given telephone number and time. For every coaching session we apply our valid pricelist.
At the end of the month you will get an invoice payable to ActiveCoachLine corresponding to the total cost of your coaching session. A detailed specification of coaching time and duration on the invoice gives you full transparency of your total cost.
Your payments are made to the end of the month to the given bank connection on the invoice.