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Prices and Payment

Pricelist 2010

Valid from May 1, 2010
All prices are consumer prices including Swedish Value Added Tax, (Moms)
All communication charges and calls are included in the prices below


Depending on your needs we can offer single coaching instances as well as combination packages. We can also offer you coaching companionships ofer several months to hep you achieve your goals.
Elements we use can be combination of the following

- Immediate telephone coaching (20min)
- Individual coaching session (45min) or extended (100min)

- Telephone coaching

- On-line coaching
- Supervision via mail follow-up

- EQ analysis
- Inner team development
- Goal analysis
- Feedback training
- Group coaching

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An invoice with a detailed specification of coaching time and duration on the invoice gives you full transparency of your total cost.

Payments are due at the end of the month per invoice payable to ActiveCoachLine.
Payments are due the end of the month to the given bank connection on the invoice.

Overdue payments will be charged with +10% interest over the recommended base rate in Sweden.

Payments are due to LiveTrainer
SVE VAT registration: 620717-xxxx


Please note Your name, invoice number and month of invoice



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If you want to know more, just send an inquiry to us