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ActiveCoachLine will lead You from here to our network of telephone coaches. We are the solution to immediate and professional telephone coaching.
We offer ways for career and job coaching, management, leadership or business coaching and personal development.

Reach Your Goals with our Telefon Coach!

Here Is Your Professional Coach On The Phone For ...

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Business Coaching
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Career Coaching
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Personal Coaching
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Business Coaching

What do You get?

ActiveCoachLine is primarily focussing on individuals in business situations who are looking to achieve their business targets, reach their goals, develop themselves or find a better work-life balance.
We offer a network of experienced telephone coaches and other personal coaching services that follow ICF standards and ethical guidelines.

This means that we enhance the pursuit of your existing goals, strategies or plans because the primary rule of our coaches is not to judge or evaluate your goals.
We help you to see the reality of your environment in a total perspective.
Together we review the options you have and form the possible actions that you find motivating and encouraging.
This is totally confidential and we coach you in the privacy of your telephone. Whenever You want.




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